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happy bday nina!

happy bday nina! had a great weekend. FREAKEN TIRED but it was all worth while.. hotel party was really fun.. too bad they overbooked us and we couldnt get the penthouse! instead stupid white trash people got the penthouse! sucks huh?!?! and we so booked it in advanced too.. but its ok we got hooked up with 2 suites so that was pretty bomb.. anyways i just came bak and uploaded all my pix on photobucket so all the girls can get them.. and for u people who didnt go or have the pw for that ill update webshots prolly after i move outta my apartment :( im pretty busy till after summer session.. anyways..i just went shopping, the movies (wedding crashers = good movie!), dinner and lunch.. lol breakfast even! well breakfast was in the hotel and yoga clsses! lol so im pretty damn worn out! anyways. im excited im going home next weekend for my jen's wedding! so yea YAY!! FREAKEN EXCITED! im so excited to see derick in a tux! that cutie baby!!! love him!! anyways.. yesterday party was really fun.. we took shots to everything.. we took shots for "nina" for "true religion jeans" for "sevens.. even tho theyre gettin outta style" lol and "coach purses" we seriously took shots for everything that we all have. anyways..

shots for nina!
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