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so i am currently in the process of planning my 21st bday party! lol i really regret canceling my half year bday party im like so excited to like do all this crazy stuff! lol.. well the party is prolly gonna be up here in nor cal so im like seriously inviting EVERYONE and everyone's EVERYONE.. and whoever that everyone is they are a SOMEBODY bc its gonna be excluse invite list and no regular people that i dont know or my people dont know can come. the people who come has to be a SOMEBODY.. lol they are SPECIAL! i dont care too much about the number of people kuz i want it to be BIG but at the same time id ont want a random stranger that doesnt know anyone of us! lol im even flying two of my best friends in to party with me!! haha and then its a girls night in vegas for a week!! only girls thank u very much and the ones that are over 21. sorry people who arent but u guys are all still welcome to my bday bash! its gonna be HUGE! excited!! lol i have like 2 different people helping me plan so its gonna be awesome! i just kick back and write checks with my bby's money.. lol jk. but his company is helping me sponsor so awesome!! excited!! lol.. invitations should come out in sept!!

yay my midterm is over! im freaken excited! AND i got my purses!! lol babe got me not one but TWO new coach purses.. well actually i got the yellow one in green but it had lady bugs on it so i didnt want it and i didnt want pink so i got yellow.. so that just came in yesterday and the pink one i got before with the green one.. but yea.. never used it. just hung it on my bed and now its all dusty and kinda dirty looking. i took a picture of them with pinky and pooh. lol pinky be sporting the pink purse with my new armani sunglasses while pooh be sporting the yellow one.. too bad these purses are like already outta season and im still gonna stick to the ms. dooney (u kno the barrel one) kuz that is the only big purse that i can fit all my stuff in. as u guys prolly kno i bring my whole life in that purse. first off i have a big wallet. its not full of money or anything but its like my winnie the pooh one that i LOVE since like 6th grade. lol its fallin apart kinda but im never lettin it go! and thats kinda big and takes up room. my digi cam my cell my PINK ipod (baby blue in backpack) fone my usb disk (with important files in there duh) lotion, some make up, and other lil things.. and o yea pepperspray from amer kuz he thinks imma get harassed by _______ again.. lol i feel like such a geek with it..

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but i am excited bout the purses.. im looking forward to makin a handbag shrine.. lol im such a dork.. well i dont like using other purses but ms. dooney.. i think imma try to use the other ones.. well i do when i like just go over to mikes and just need my fone and wallet. i just grab whatever color im wearing.. but like where i know imma need at least one of the other stuff i bring the big dooney.. lol. i should get a bigger handbag but i dont really like how some of them look. but im really determined to get that dior one natalie has! lol i dont care how long i have to wait for that damn bag. i want! lol

anyways enough with purses. guys reading this will prolly be like 'omg i already heard this story' so mMm.. i get my new shoes this week! my bf got me these new shoes for my uncle's wedding. im really excited. i thot i was gonna get them today but i guess not.. i hope they're okay.. lol ive been shopping a lot online as u guys can prolly tell.. im just too busy to go to the actual mall and to find the ones i want.. and thank goshness for catalogues and the internet or else i would be like without shoes and new purses! anywyas ok like i said no more about my purses

well i updated the photobucket with my set of pix for u people who have been askin.. ill update webshots for everyone who doesnt hav the pw for photobucket next week after nina's hotel party :) excited.. its gonna be a really big party (hopefully).. anyways.. dude syd made me take this kick boxing class with her and after like 5 mins i was like "OH HELLZ NO" so i ran out.. lol syd cam running after me like 10 mins after too.. lol that shit is intense.. haha.. anyways geez took that midterm really worn me out.. i didnt sleep that much last nite kuz ive been sleeping late recently that when i tried sleepin at 2 so i wake up early for class i couldnt do it kuz i was used to sleeping at 4.. so yea that really sucked. i was like dizzy the whole day until the test.. after the test i finally ate from like 24 hrs and like i was a lil better.. but i still feel kinda dizzy and im really tired.. but i cant sleep kuz im going over to mike's soon and yea im excited.. and hav a mini party! lol anyways.. well i dont really have much to write about. im just glad midterm is over! me can go bak to summer!! i think imma go swimming with everyone tata!
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