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yesterday was seriously the last

hello people. imma start updating a lot more now kuz i wanna spend more time to myself now a days and i promised ppl i would update this. lol. sorry i havent been returning many of ur calls or ims itz bc ive been so busy and yesterday was seriously the last day imma ever gonna be so overloaded.. after yesterday's like wake up call im like seriously cancelling plans and like tryin to find time for myself.. well yesterday was actually a really fun day.. but i was like so exhausted and tired from like never sleeping for the past few weeks and like yesterday i was throwing up ALL NIGHT.. however the party was actually really fun but my alcohol level was already pretty high.. lol and then i realized geez im like really fucked up and then i started throwing up. well i didnt do anything so dramatizing so dont expect some dramatic story about my "wake up call" but i like PASSED OUT on nathans bed and like didnt wake up for like 4 hrs.. i was that exhausted.. i prolly would hav died longer if i didnt hav to throw up! yea yesterday was like my day to STOP.. after all that throwing up and passing out. i look like a dork and yea never again.. lol.. i wouldnt say never again.. but not for awhile. i needa catch up with my studies and pass summer session! i havent even opened one of my class's books. however, like usual, i havent ditched any of my classes.. but as u guys kno im not a listening kinda learner.. im a visual learner and i havent had any visuals but the magazines i bring to class.. lol.. anyways. jens havin a party at her house today and nina is havin a bday party at a hotel so i decided to not go to jen's thing today and just "study" and imma prolly go to nina's party.. however i did spend the whole day at the boy's apartment running around in my bathing suit! lol.. and being a guy.. lol.. well yesterday was stpehy's surprise bday party.. nathan bought 200 dollars worth of sushi! lol so we had that and that might be why i threw up so much.. and i met like a bunch of lambda guys.. and they are so horrible! lol.. they were like kept makin me do shots and like kept making me sit next to them.. and i heard when i passed out they were like touching me and nathan kept poking me.. haha.. i did hear people doing a spelling bee.. tryin to spell my name! haha.. but yea i had a lot of fun i met a LOT of asian boys.. lol..some were actually really cute but syd otld me not to get too close to lambdas.. but i do hav a few friends from there who are actually REALLY REALLy nice so to their defense i think they're alrite. anyways o yea i returned my joe's and citizens for a pair of true religion jeans.. yea i really like them but i got them for a dumb reason.. i dont wanna say kuz everyone will think im silly.. but hey theyre true religion! haha.. i dont kno why im into jeans. i vowed not to become materialistic but seriously after this jean fetish NO MORE. unless the money is from baby's wallet :) speaking of material things.. natalie came bak from vegas with a fucken dior handbag. and its seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen.. she spent like 900 bucks on it and she had to WAITLIST for that damn purse.. but its freaken CUTE.. its like pink and it says like dior on it.. and its really cute it has rhinestones sayin dior on it and u can tell its not a fake.. it just came into season and its really exclusive that u have to waitlist for it and she finally got it when she went to vegas to get it.. how awesome is that?! that is like my dream to waitlist for a handbag and then actually get it.. kuz that way people who see it and want it cant just get it they would hav to waitlist too.. that is hot shit.. lol well i told babe to waitlist for one of the purses she told me about so by the time its my bday we can get it together but he thot it was ridiculous but im sitll gonna do it.. lol i dont care if i needa get a job im seriously not gonna spend on anymore purses until i get that damn purse.. lol.. o yea today raul told me they had a special on d&b handbags.. and i was like reminising bout how i was like obsessed with d&b like last year.. lol.. now i only use that big barrel one kuz thats the only one big enough to fit all my stuff... my other bags are in the closet turning brown with dust.. lol.. i wanna get that big coach one.. the multicolor one.. but i dont think i wanna get another coach one i want that dior one!! lol but natalie has that and i think its messed up if i got the same one.. ugh i tried finding a pic of it online but i guess its THAT exclusive.. :( well i thot some of our pictures from last night would hav it but i remember she had to hide her purse so stephy wouldnt yell at her for spending so much for gettin it!! lol stephy shouldnt talk. she has more purses then me! anyways i really think imma give away my purses.. im like really close to doing it.. i dont think i would sell it kuz i did use them before.. but i would have to give them to REALLY good friends.. like my crazy true friends.. and only for their bday or something.. lol but that is kinda cheap on my part.. lol i ono. i just want them to go to use bc i really dont like how theyre just in the closet with dust on it.. i should like cover them or something.. lol.. anyways.. i should go get ready now.. spending a whole day with the boys made me want to be a girl agian ;) yea and spending the nite at their place was frekaen scary.. i dont think imma do it for awhile.. fucken boys.. kept coming to me to tell them secrets.. its like im the secret magnet or something geez. sorry so long u guys. u guys wanted me to update! it'll prolly be awhile till i update next anyways.. next would prolly only be a webshots update notice

o yea monica broke her nose yesterday. hahah SO MONICA! ani kept callin me last nite but i passed out and so when i got home i saw an im from her saying "OMG LIL! MONICA BROKE HER NOSE!" hahaha.. that drunk fuck. haha silly. but truly i hope shes ok. and then when i find out shes ok. ill laugh. ;) love u mon!

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