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well im tryin to update more recently but ive just been too tired or overwhelmed with things to do and this whole summer school business is just in my way rite now. yea im definitely not gonna do this next year. the only reason why i did it this year was so i had something to do up here kuz i wanted to stay in davis.. but next year imma just stay here and play with my friends. lol like elemantary school.. or at least get a job. but yea i really dont want to. anyways. i talked to ting yesterday and we were talking about materialist things and stuff.. and like im not usually into like jeans but for some reason i wanted to get another pair of sevens.. so today i went shopping and i got myself another pair of sevens! lol and i also got a pair of joe's jeans and a pair of lucky's. this week has been a lot of spending kuz of yea u guys kno.. lol im really excited.. very cute. i love them they fit so nice. they're like sweatpants! lol. they fell like the juicy sweatpants my bf got me earlier this month.. yea when i get a chance ill put up pix on my PANTS! lol.. anyways speaking of juicy, i really hope my bf gets me that juicy outfit i wanted.. lol im really into like sweats rite now. lol besides i want a pair to match my new flip flops that SOMEONE got me ;) well i just like their material u kno? like the terry cloth material? i think thats what material it is.. anyways.. well i got my ticket to go bak home for this end of the month. im like on the verge of not going.. im like seriously feelng like i dont wanna go! anywyas today is stephy's surprise bday party.. im not worry she's gonna read this kuz shes gone all day.. but yea after tonite ill post up those pix.. so stop askin me. its like we all have the same pictures kuz u guys took pix with ur cameras. so its just like a bunch of the same pix just with a few changes.. i relaly feel like tanning but my freckles are gettin darker this year so im like not tanning as much.. poo. i hate being white. anyways yea ok ill update pix tomorrow after stephys surprise bday party. and i will update too! hehe
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