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hello people. just writing "hola" to everyone whos been wonderin where ive been.. thanks for leavin all those msg on my aim for everytime i wasnt there.. lol.. well i hav a few pix from this week with amer but ive just been too busy to upload them.. and they're only like a few so im just gonna wait till i get mike's pictures and put them all up together later this week when he comes back! yay he comes bak today! well happy 4th of july.. i will definitely update with the things that hav been goin on later this week after i like settle down kuz im seriously constantly running around and like on overload. i havent slept for over 4 hrs in the past few weeks.. but its not like bad overload. its like fun overload.. lol im just tryin to enjoy as much of summer before summer session starts gettin hard ya kno? well its official. i got outta goin to australia and london with my bf.. yea i dont even kno geography to kno exactly where we were suppose to go but thank god bc i seriously been like complaining about it for like over a year how i really didnt want to go and like meet his relatives and stuff kuz thats weird.. the only reason why i considered was bc it was free and bc i didnt wanna offend his parents.. but i talked to them and told them its nothing against them but i just wasnt ready and i wasnt comfortable and i didnt wanna be so far from my grandfather kuz hes been really sick (true but that was prolly the one thing that got me outta it).. so it all worked out and i guess theyre leavin in august when i get bak to s. cali.. so i dont hav to worry bout seeing them or anything where i have to feel guilty.. and besides theyre moving to riverside and i doubt im ever gonna be up there.. lol.. but yea they got they nice big house.. its really cute.. its liek really big.. it has 6 bed rooms and 5 and half bathrooms.. and like hello im like why do u need such a big house if ur son AND daughter are moving away to college? like babe is coming to davis and his sister is like gonna live with her girlfriends by cal stat fullerton.. so im like really confused but babe is pretty spoiled and he has to have everything.. i think im just mad kuz i dont wanan go to riverside to see him.. but i guess i wont really hav to since he can drive down to see me and he'll be in like the other side of the world when im bak in the oc.. and i kno his parents are just gettin a big house so both babe and his sis can move bak in with them but hello in sept theyre gonna move out again anyways.. but yea whatever i dont care.. it IS a nice big house and i wouldnt mind stayin with him even if his parents are there in that big house.. that reminds me.. since ive flew bak so many time during the breaks to so. cal and davis i got enough points to have a free round trip! so i dont know where to go!! i dont wanna waste it on just going bak so. cal during the break i wanna go to like hawaii or like ny or vegas or something.. wel it doesnt expire for another year so im thinkin of a trip to vegas on my 21st bday and seriously EVERYONE is invited..i dont care if ure on the other side of the world ure coming to my bday bash.. hello im 21 u HAVE to come.. but vegas road trips w/babe are fun so i dunno if i wanna fly for that.. so i might just give it away to my parents or something.. like if i hear someone really needs to fly somewhere ill prolly just giv it to them.. maybe ill giv it to my sis to fly up here to visit me during the summer.. dunno? well someons suggested i should do a day trip to ny and just shop and come back the same day.. thats kinda cool.. flyin to ny to shop. lol.. i was really excited when i got my "reward" but then i thot about it and there isn't anywhere i really wanna go.. i dont even wanna go to london kuz i only wanna go bak to so cal! to be with my kids and family.. weird huh? i just really miss them.. i kno london and australia will be fun but its like im already home sick i just wouldnt be able to enjoy myself :) anyways i hav to go, i needa meet mike kuz hes comin bak today! yay. so ill upload pix by the end of this week. and prolly when school starts ill be able to write more about my short summer break so far
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