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updated pix on webshots

hey everyone. i had such a GREAT week back at home. i like never had time to sleep. i would wake up at like 7 in the morning and like go out and do SO MUCH. i was really busy. and then i wouldnt go home till like 1 in the morning.. and i would shower and only be able to sleep for like 4 hrs or so kuz i shower a long time. anyways.. i did so much tho.. and it was fun nd productive.. i was really busy tho.. i had to do dress shopping.. and dress shoppin for my lil cousin.. lol everytime i went out the door my dad would tell me to leave all my credit cards at home.. kuz he pays for my bill u kno? so like i had to leave all 3 of them at home. but then haha i guess he forgot about those lil credit cards that are for ur keychain. i like kept it for emergencies taped to my shoe. lol incase my dad would dig thru my wallet. anyways i was driving bak from LA to irvine a lot this week.. then i went to many movies.. and i also went to knotts! saw ting a few times. saw amer and justin a few times.. and SHOPPED A LOT.. i went to every store possible (that i liked). i cant think of one day i slept in. i couldnt sleep! i had like time schedules kuz either my sis had to go to work.. or i had to be back kuz someone got off work or school.. it was just really hectic.. amer flew back up with me this time so hes kinda distracting rite now so i cant really talk much.. just everyone whos been askin for pictures i finally uploaded ALL of them. GEEZ took me awhile kuz my comp kept crashing! anyways ill go into more detail bout my week later this week when amer leaves. BYE
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