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summer school is over!

yay summer school is over! well now me and my roommates are moving out to our new townhouse! lol im like too lazy to do it. but for some reason im not going to bed kuz i still hav to wake up early to go eat sushi tomorrow with everyone. well i ordered a pair of joe's online.. yea. TOO FRIGGEN BIG. lol. i am quite proud of my flat tummy but not my big hips. i dont understand why i have such big hips! its kinda weird. i think my mom has big hips. and it kinda sucks kuz theres like no fat there so its all boney and theres the me not having an ass situation. i wanna get my hips reduced or something. babe like them kuz he calls them "child barein hips" so HELLZ NO. i was really hesitant with givin them away but i ended up givin them to syd since shes bigger then me. well im usually like a size 24 or something like that but then i knew my hips got bigger this year which btw doesnt sound as good as it looks. its like i have this tiny waste and then BAM fatgirl hips! lol. so i decided to get a bigger size. and yea didnt work. anyways syd snapped a shot of my last time wearin the jeans. *sigh* there goes my joe's. picture doesnt even look good of me bc im so tiny in those giant pants. lol. but at least my nails are cute. i cant believe theyre still on from when i did it for my uncle's wedding. very impressive! i like that place! the picture looks funny kuz she took it candidly. i wasnt even expectin a picture but she knew i was really attached to them so she took one for me. so how much she understands me! too bad i was busy lookin for what to wear that i look like a retard scratchin my butt! lol

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sigh. really liked those jeans too. well i decided to get a a SEVENS jean skirt. really cute. REALLY expensive tho. i was really hesitant. like really. it was like 185 or something. i ono it ended up to be like 200 something but it was really cute. it had like rhinestones or crystals or whatever in the back where the design is so its like all blinged up. relaly like them. but im like really careful when i wear them kuz i dont wanna sit and move that the rhinestones or whatever fall off.. really like them tho. too bad sevens are goin outta season! i really like that skirt! anyways went out for a late night cosmopolitan today with syd. lol.. after waking up early for finals and packing all day we needed a lil break. so we went to tri's place he had a kick back but he also had a bartender! lol so when i heard that syd and i just jumped into the car and left. lol we went in our like glasses and like with our hair up and stuff. lol we didnt care since we were so tired the whole day but summer session is over! lol its like EVERYONE i know in summer session has been saying "YES FINALLY over!" lol i hear it sometimes in the quarter time but summer session was seriously so ridiculously TIME CONSUMING! so i heard a lot of people talk about how relieved they were. so yea we went to that kick back. it was actually really fun.. had ltos of good mixed drinks. and so now im bak at like uploadin pix and i saw that syd took a pix of my pants so i wanted to ask my readers for their opinion on the pants. too big huh? well u girls usually know this stuff.. well im startin to fall asleep gnit
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