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i usually dont update so much bc i dont wanna take up too much space on the people who have me as friends but this made me laugh.. syd wrote me an email this morning starting with :

Hi Lil,
You're going to find this funny, but when I was typing out your email
address in the "to:" box, i typed I'm so dead
serious. I can't believe I did that.

haha everyone has been callin me lil hilton recently bc im like absolutely in love with paris hilton and seriously the whole family! lol anyways.. i even have my own paparazzi! lol at my uncle's wedding there was this girl bout my bro's age and she kept taking pictures of me and my sis.. haha.. everyone calld her our paparazzi. lol it was funny. she kept coming to our table to take our pictures.. haha and we looked at her camera there was already 29 pictures of candid pictures of me and kim on her camera. and her camera only had 32 at that time. and that was only in the beginning of the wedding. think of all the ipctures in the end! lol.. anyways.. i can not believe all my gfs voted that im the most high maintanence! UH NO. i cant believe mike even said that im more high maintanence than cheyenne! SO OFFENDED! haha.. i seriously think i can be high maintanence but syd and chey DEFINITELY are more high maintanence as me.. lol i dont care what u guys voted i KNOW im not THAT high maintanence!
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