LiL (takealilpill) wrote,


i am seriously on overload wit this summer session crap. what is going on?! i cant wait for summer to start.. even tho it kinda already is for me. but i needa get outta that set of mind and freaken be back in school kuz im fallin behind!! and this whole 6 week business is kickin me in the ass.. so i needa stop seein mike so much.. i needa stop shoppin so much.. i needa stop eating out.. sleepin over at peoples places.. and partying.. and watchin tv.. i needa STOP. anyways.. i think babe plans on takin me to vegas this summer. i dont really wanna go bc 1. too damn hot even tho i love the AC all around the casino and hotel. 2. i dont feel like goin when im already gonna be goin for my bday with him. i dont want to keep going and it loses it's speciality. 3. i want to be here for when stephy comes visits me. 4. idont want him to trick me into going to london with him. hehehe yea thats bout it.. i wanna just go home and see some peole and relax in mi casa with my family.. and watch a bunch of movies.. and go to disneyland.. lol. anyways mike just bitched at me to do my work kuz i hav class in like 30 mins so i g2g

btw i love my new juicy flip flops. thanks u guys! theyre super sexy! and pink! lol. and i love the heart.
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