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well as u guys prolly kno ive been outta town but im bak and omg i am DEAD tired.. my eyes wont even focus. but i had a really fun weekend.. it was one of my best friend stephy's bday.. her dad was outta town so we decided to reside there. and DAMN he's a lawyer and like really wealthy. he has this like BIG ASS HOUSE. like FREAKEN big. it was really fun there.. but yea ill write more later.. ill update some pix on webshot later.. some of the girls are sharing the photobucket thing so ill post one of the group pix of some of the girls.. yea we went shopping too! lol.. yea ill update webshots later when i get al the pix in. i didnt take that many pix bc i ran outta batteries and worse off i lost my battery charger! i cant freaken find it. im like freaken pissed. i think amer accidently took it home with him like he packed it up by accident kuz i dont know where else it can be! i hav to use like regular batteries rite now and those run out fast. and im running out already. lol

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