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yay im home! well i came bak on the 18th but i was stayin in the apartment i share with my sister in LA but for the rest of the week im planning on stayin at my parents house in irvine but i have SO MUCH to do.. i dont even hav time to just sit back and play with my bros game cube! :( anyways.. its been a fun weekend. my car trunk and back seat are FULL of clothes and shoes.. lol i went mad shopping with my dad's credit card.. it was so exciting to like go everywhere.. kuz i had an excuse "to shop for my uncle's wedding" yea didnt even end up gettin a dress. but i got a few really cute tops and many skirts and dresses.. lol my sis and i went went to like over 6 stores.. it was an exciting day.. i got to see all my kids also. theyre so adorable.. mike is comin down to visit me im excited! and we're goin to knotts. and ah everthing is just so hectic! this week is really busy. i can barely see justin and he lives down the freaken street.. i havent had time to update till now at 3 am! so yea everything has been hectic.. i took some pictures but ill update them later on this week. prolly tomorrow? hopefully. i wanna try to stay in tomorrow and like spend time with my parents but amer keeps harassing me to come out with him.. so i dont know.. depends what mood im in i guess kuz my sis is takin my car so im pretty limited to places.. YIKES.. sucks.. but at least amer can pick me up.. i ono i needa sleep! i love everyone. and i miss u guys so much! o yea u guys. U PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME LEAVE THE POOL: people have been tellin me i look really tan and sexy SO HA! i DID get tanned! haha and since my roots are growing out and theyre light brown it makes my skin look darker! so HAHAHA u losers who always came out and got me outta da sun LIKE MY MOM ALWAYS DO it worked anyways! HAHAHA ah i needa sleep <3
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