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it seems like i havent really sat down to like talk on the internet or like update.. lol actually ive never been able to like sit down and have a convo with someone on the internet. im like always on the go and like studying or like doin hwk. so its like now that finals are over i dont kno what to do with my life im like an energizing bunny i hav to keep workin or something. so i like decided to clean my whole appartment! lol.. well im excited to go home this weekend.. many of my friends went home today.. but thanks u guys for the presents and cards.. theyre so sweet and so cute.. hehe i kno i was suppose to open them the day of my half year bday but i was like 'ok ill just open one..' and then it went to two.. and then it went to three.. and then four.. and then five.. then i ended up just opening all of them lol. sorry guys. but i love them all. theyre so cute! im most excited to go home bc my bf got me a puppy! and its the cutest lil white maltese.. its like WHITE.. lol i love white! kinda plain but i think those are the cutest.. theyre not like dirty so it doesnt look brown or yellow. lol.. anyways.. my party got cancelled incase u guys dont already kno.. a lot of stuff has been goin on and i just dont feel like partying.. for instance, my grandpa is in the hospital and this time i just have this weird feeling. like its kinda scary.. he is pretty old and i know hes suffering right now and that it would be selfish for me to want him to stay but i dont know. a lot of thoughts in my head.. its kinda sad.. when we were little he used to take care of me and my sister.. and he was always so cool. it was like nice to have him around.. and then yea.. i hope everything is ok with him. my parents wont really tell me anything bc i guess they dont wanna worry us but its obvious when its bad u know? so the week im home im probably just gonna take it easy. im gonna prolly be with my family a lot.. i dont know if we're allowed to go to the hospital kuz i kno my mom couldnt see him.. but my dad was.. so i dont know how thats gonna work.. i also needa go shopping for a dress.. im gonna go to knotts with a few friends.. i kno i wanted it to be a big thing but i feel like i cant celebrate or anything.. its like all i wanna do is be there for my grandpa and family. but i kno there isnt much i can do anyways.. what else do i have planned.. well im going to try to find time to hang out with justin, amer and ting.. lol i kno im going to be busy but i kno ill be stayin at my parent's house and justin lives like right down the street from my parents.. so yea. and then im prolly gonna wanna see all my kids.. and i think im having a small half year bday dinner.. very tiny tho.. like just with my everyday friends.. mike is coming down to stay with me.. so at least that will keep me busy. prolly see all my work friends.. and sleep sleep sleep.. o yea i also hav to go to my brother's musical.. lol hes so cute.. i remember when i was in elementary school.. those were the days.. lol when we ddidnt hav to stress bout shit.. talkin bout stress.. i was so stressed this past week it was like no freakn joke.. lol i was worried i was gonna end up with Cs in many of my classes but thank goshness that i didnt get any Cs this quarter.. actually i havent gotten any Cs this year! i think its kinda cool.. im still confused how i ended up with Bs instead of the Cs but everyone thinks its bc im such a big suck up.. lol and i like to be cute with the professors.. lol whatever i got the good grade and i think i did try freaken hard.. i stayed up many nights without sleeping. but i also been havin mike stay at my place too.. lol we like never wnet bak to his place this week.. but yea im glad he was here to help me :) alright i feel like i dnt hav time to spare for updating.. lol i needa CLEAN and PACK! yea. i think i hav pix i needa update on webshots too.. well just like 1 or 2.. not sure. AH im done.. lol yesterday was my last day and yesterday was a night to remember! haha.. fun times.. love u guys
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