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picture slideshow on myspace [08 Jan 2006|06:39pm]
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tired [11 Aug 2005|11:53pm]
ugh so much has been happenin so far. i cant even stay up to type this bc im so tired! im so excited to go to vegas FOR A WEEK later this month and just get away from all this stuff.. and all this stuff is refering to UNPACKING! ah! syd was right. i shouldnt just throw everything in boxes and i should ORGANIZE! lol i have one underwear here and one over there. its kinda a bitch kuz i cant find anything! im excited for vegas! i dont know what imma do there. last time i gambled! but then i got paranoid someone would come check my id and then kick me out. and the ids didnt work in the clubs. vegas is gonna be a bust without my best friend. at least imma try to bring some of my gfs with me and we can just relax and go to the spas and shop. and go to the pool. i kinda miss goin with my family. when we wouldnt have to care bout anything. like paying for things. and liek checking in and checking out.. and packing! lol packing is my evil friend rite now. geez. i think imma ask my dad to go with us. im seriously just thinking bout going myself with my dad. lol well my uncle hooked me up with a VIP SUITE! at the caesar's palace. so im pretty excited. my dad stayed there when i was in NY and they showed me pictures and it was really big. so im prolly still gonna bring at least one more of my gfs. its just so hard to choose. and its kinda stressing me out kuz i dont wanna do that inviting stuff. maybe ill just bring my bro. but hes kinda annoying me recently. hes such a spoiled brat. i was suppose to go to vegas this week too. lol i would hav been in vegas for like a whole month! but this time would have been with my aunt. and they have a really nice room too at some new hotel. i dont remember what its calld but i know they just built it recfently. they're stayin for a week too. well i didnt go this week bc i have all these things to do. my moms relatives are visiting and so im goin to LA a lot. but its not like i see them! the only reason why we're stayin in vegas for a week is bc my uncle is suppose to be workin there for a week but then he somehow talked his way into gettin 2 rooms. so i get my own room. and i was suppose to bring some people if i want. but thats stressful. i just wanna go with my dad so he can buy me everything i want. lol. but he cant take me out after 9 bc he has to work. so he says i should bring people but i dont wanna think about that! AH. and im suppose to get my other set of wisdom teeth out. ugh gotta go. me fall asleep

summer school is over! [05 Aug 2005|03:36am]
yay summer school is over! well now me and my roommates are moving out to our new townhouse! lol im like too lazy to do it. but for some reason im not going to bed kuz i still hav to wake up early to go eat sushi tomorrow with everyone. well i ordered a pair of joe's online.. yea. TOO FRIGGEN BIG. lol. i am quite proud of my flat tummy but not my big hips. i dont understand why i have such big hips! its kinda weird. i think my mom has big hips. and it kinda sucks kuz theres like no fat there so its all boney and theres the me not having an ass situation. i wanna get my hips reduced or something. babe like them kuz he calls them "child barein hips" so HELLZ NO. i was really hesitant with givin them away but i ended up givin them to syd since shes bigger then me. well im usually like a size 24 or something like that but then i knew my hips got bigger this year which btw doesnt sound as good as it looks. its like i have this tiny waste and then BAM fatgirl hips! lol. so i decided to get a bigger size. and yea didnt work. anyways syd snapped a shot of my last time wearin the jeans. *sigh* there goes my joe's. picture doesnt even look good of me bc im so tiny in those giant pants. lol. but at least my nails are cute. i cant believe theyre still on from when i did it for my uncle's wedding. very impressive! i like that place! the picture looks funny kuz she took it candidly. i wasnt even expectin a picture but she knew i was really attached to them so she took one for me. so how much she understands me! too bad i was busy lookin for what to wear that i look like a retard scratchin my butt! lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

sigh. really liked those jeans too. well i decided to get a a SEVENS jean skirt. really cute. REALLY expensive tho. i was really hesitant. like really. it was like 185 or something. i ono it ended up to be like 200 something but it was really cute. it had like rhinestones or crystals or whatever in the back where the design is so its like all blinged up. relaly like them. but im like really careful when i wear them kuz i dont wanna sit and move that the rhinestones or whatever fall off.. really like them tho. too bad sevens are goin outta season! i really like that skirt! anyways went out for a late night cosmopolitan today with syd. lol.. after waking up early for finals and packing all day we needed a lil break. so we went to tri's place he had a kick back but he also had a bartender! lol so when i heard that syd and i just jumped into the car and left. lol we went in our like glasses and like with our hair up and stuff. lol we didnt care since we were so tired the whole day but summer session is over! lol its like EVERYONE i know in summer session has been saying "YES FINALLY over!" lol i hear it sometimes in the quarter time but summer session was seriously so ridiculously TIME CONSUMING! so i heard a lot of people talk about how relieved they were. so yea we went to that kick back. it was actually really fun.. had ltos of good mixed drinks. and so now im bak at like uploadin pix and i saw that syd took a pix of my pants so i wanted to ask my readers for their opinion on the pants. too big huh? well u girls usually know this stuff.. well im startin to fall asleep gnit

real fast [03 Aug 2005|09:38pm]
i put like 3 more pix up on webshots. i dont think anyone is really interested in THESE pictures. lol theyre from my aunts camera and shes bad at takin pix. so the only person interested is prolly kim. so kim u can dl them there if u didnt get her email. lol we look seriously hot with walkin down that aisle. anwaysy bby left today im kinda bummed but no time to think must study bye

quick update [03 Aug 2005|01:21am]
finals are almost here and that means summer is gonna finally start for me! im kinda sad today is bruce's last day staying over. hes seriously such a great guy. such a good personality. hes the kinda guy i would bring home to my grandma. lol hes like seriously perfect all around. anyways. today as i was typing something. i a big fat BLACK SpideR fell onto of my paper. i tried to kill it but then it kept crawling away and then it crawled on me so i screamed like crayz. really loud. it really startled me.. not like i was scared to kill it but it startled me u kno? and then so i kept missing it and throwing it off me.. and then i couldnt find it and i was like sweating and turning red. and syd and bruce come to my rescue and im like on the ground with my thong ridin my ass butt crack showing and all with my head to the ground looking for the dumb thing. and then it jumped on me again and i started screaming. lol it was an eventful night. i couldnt go to sleep so i had to come online to talk to people. and now im updating. i think my bf and i are gonna break up. the people that ive told so far are like so bummed out bout it but i dont think it has hit me yet. its been like so freaken long that i cant even picture myself without him but then i do feel more distant from him recently that its prolly the same as if we would break up. he's leavin to london anyways so it'll give me time to think. but right now i really dont think i want to be with him. ok well i went thru my whole plan. i wanna get married when im 25 (kinda old but that will have to do with the rate my cousins are going) and i would want an engagement of 1 year (maybe even 1.5 kuz i wanna plan a really really big wedding need as much time as possible) andi would have want to be with my husband (like going out) for at least 3 years. so THAT MEANS i have to meet my future husband NOW. lol even tho i do wanna be w/my bf now i dont thikn i wanna marry him. we're too different. hes too asshole like and im too bitchy. it doesnt work both ways. hes too laid back that hes always in trouble and falling behind somewhere. and i always have to double stress for him. and like theres the age difference and the whole he likes this and i like the TOTAL opposite. anyways hes driving me crazy. people say that its bc we've been going out for like 4 years that like im gettin scared kuz im like commitment phobe. I DONT THINK SO. i think im ANNOYED and TIRED.. and some say its bc i wanna date ______ which btw is really handsome. that sexy thang.. but no. i really dont think i can feel the way i feel for anyone the way i feel for babe. its like the REAL thing and its really something i dont want with him. its kinda mean but i do not wanna marry him. i do not wanna move in with him anymore. i dont want kids with him or anythig. i dont mind being togehter but i do not want that stuff with him. and to have a big ass wedding and kids is seriously prolly the most important thing to me.. and gettin it done by 25 is a major plus. yea i really dont want to marry him. i just have to keep saying that.. i really dont want to marry him.

lol [01 Aug 2005|01:32pm]
i usually dont update so much bc i dont wanna take up too much space on the people who have me as friends but this made me laugh.. syd wrote me an email this morning starting with :

Hi Lil,
You're going to find this funny, but when I was typing out your email
address in the "to:" box, i typed lwhilton@ucdavis.edu. I'm so dead
serious. I can't believe I did that.

haha everyone has been callin me lil hilton recently bc im like absolutely in love with paris hilton and seriously the whole family! lol anyways.. i even have my own paparazzi! lol at my uncle's wedding there was this girl bout my bro's age and she kept taking pictures of me and my sis.. haha.. everyone calld her our paparazzi. lol it was funny. she kept coming to our table to take our pictures.. haha and we looked at her camera there was already 29 pictures of candid pictures of me and kim on her camera. and her camera only had 32 at that time. and that was only in the beginning of the wedding. think of all the ipctures in the end! lol.. anyways.. i can not believe all my gfs voted that im the most high maintanence! UH NO. i cant believe mike even said that im more high maintanence than cheyenne! SO OFFENDED! haha.. i seriously think i can be high maintanence but syd and chey DEFINITELY are more high maintanence as me.. lol i dont care what u guys voted i KNOW im not THAT high maintanence!

updated webshots [01 Aug 2005|12:39am]
omg took me SO LONG to update all the pix. the whole summer folder is ALL NEW pix. and the other folders have a few new ones towards the end of the folder.. took me so long kuz i was limited to the number of pix altogether and limited in all ways! so i had to move some around and theyre all scattered and all over the place.. im thinkin of upgrading.. but at the same time it would be waste kuz its not like many people look at them or dl them from there.. peepz still make me send them pix! so dunno. well i kno i wrote earlier but i usually put up a seperate entry for webshot updates


enjoy everyone.. and everyone came out so cute and pretty. hope u guys like them

YAYYYYY going home soon!!


sadly im bak [31 Jul 2005|10:38pm]
well im bak from prolly the craziest weekend ever.. i seriously didnt sleep at all.. prolly a max of 5 hrs all together. so tired. i took a 6 hr nap today when i got bak.. lol. i dont even think it was a nap it was like a hardcore sleep.. well the weekend was a lot of fun.. my uncle got married! finally!! lol it was really fun.. it was nice seein everyone.. well on thursday i went to SAN FRAN and i stayed there so i can leave in the morning at 5 oclock!! i ate mcdonalds breakfast whichi had been craving for for like the longest time!! so that was the highlight of waking up.. lol when i got bak to LA i saw all my kids who are SO FREAKEN CUTE but also SO CRAZY! i can not keep up with them! lol.. well i went to get a facial kuz ive been like breakng out like crazy but i didnt hav much time so i decided to just go get my nails done and they are seriously so cute.. i like the place i went to.. since it was my uncle's wedding i dedcided to go to a really nice place and they seriosuly treated me like a princess.. and yea the nails came out really cute too.... it was a lil expensive for just nails but its ok.. and then later on that night amer took tiff and me out to downtown disney.. i wasnt planning on going out kuz we had to wake up so early but when he wanted to go (in literally the middle of the night at like 1030 when i had taken off my make up and put on my pjs) i decided i wanted to go to sephora.. i bought tiffy a lot of presents too.. lol.. but yea we were gettin really tired. so yea.. and then sat was the wedding. woke up early to do tiffy's hair and make up.. i was suppose to get my make up and hair done but my sis and i kept fighting so we decided to just fuck it.. we got my gma's house and i didnt hav much time and it was really crowded that i didnt get to really spend a good amount of time doing everything.. i had my eyes done tho.. but by the time we went to church one eye started gettin smaller that i had to darken the black eyeliner on top that i kept messing up and i didnt hav any make up remover. we were very limited on resources bc it was too hot to go to the car to get everything so we brought the only things we needed in church.. so i was really mad i couldnt take out the black eyeliner kuz i kept rubbing it and tried water but it was stuck on or something.. so i jsut made it thicker and left the other eye without realizing it kuz we were running out.. my sis and i were int he wedding so we couldnt spend a lot of time gettin ready.. i had to take care of the ring bearer and he was throwing a fit kuz he didnt wanna take pictures and he was bored.. and he started to cry kuz he didnt hav his game boy.. so we had to go get it for him and stuff.. anyways so after the church we went to the restuarant and i finaly was able to fix my make up.. my eyelashes looked really good in the day but by church they were like drooping and like every pix i look like im closing my eyes.. i didnt hav mascara or my curler so i had to do what i had to do.. and so when we got to the restuarant i washed off my make up and did it over and this time my eyelashes didnt look as nice kuz my mascara was all clumped together and it was just hard.. lol.. anyways i had a fun time tho.. we did a lot of dancing and there were a lot of funny moments.. so yea.. i cant talk much bout it kuz im so tired and dizzzy but i think imma update webshots soon so u guys can check it.. i think all the folders are gonna have new pix kuz imma post the other pix too.. u guys can check tomo kuz imma prolly update then later tonite.. and if id idnt finsihs them i will still have at least a few up already so go check then out soon ;)

o yea my bf is leavin this week. im sad. i was having second doubts of stayin here.. now i think i wanna go!! i think ill be ok tho.. i wanna stay at home anyways.. my dad is goin to vegas so im prolly gonna go with him kuz i hav nothing else to do!! and im prlly gonna make cheryl come with me.. maybe even robert.. i wouldnt mind robert going but hes over age now so i dont want him ditchin me to go gamble.. if cheryl came we can just party together with our fake ids! lol we might not be as sucessful as last time but we'll just see.. and im prolly gonna see my cousins a lot and see all my amigas ;) and i think ill be fine.. i wont miss him too much kuz hes a boy anways! lol.. he has his own hotel room so i guess i dont hav to worry bout him not callin me or whatever.. whenever hes with people he liek doesnt call me as much.. or like really converse with me u kno? it would be like 'o hi im doing this ttyl bye" so im glad he has his own hotel room.. which was suppose to be OUR room.. lol its ok i dont wanna go.. but on the bright side when he comes bak we're goin to CABO!! lol.. and its not gonna be another party vacation its gonna be a romantic one kuz he OWES ME THAT MUCH since hes leaving this week.. before i even move bak in with my parents. geez! anyways k me go post pix now tata


i miss home already! so excited to go bak next week to see my family and friends.. so excited! even tho imma miss my amigas here.. i just cant wait for school to be over!! and stupid mikes not here this week so imma be really bored but i got finals! msut study!

happy bday nina! [24 Jul 2005|09:23pm]
happy bday nina! had a great weekend. FREAKEN TIRED but it was all worth while.. hotel party was really fun.. too bad they overbooked us and we couldnt get the penthouse! instead stupid white trash people got the penthouse! sucks huh?!?! and we so booked it in advanced too.. but its ok we got hooked up with 2 suites so that was pretty bomb.. anyways i just came bak and uploaded all my pix on photobucket so all the girls can get them.. and for u people who didnt go or have the pw for that ill update webshots prolly after i move outta my apartment :( im pretty busy till after summer session.. anyways..i just went shopping, the movies (wedding crashers = good movie!), dinner and lunch.. lol breakfast even! well breakfast was in the hotel and yoga clsses! lol so im pretty damn worn out! anyways. im excited im going home next weekend for my jen's wedding! so yea YAY!! FREAKEN EXCITED! im so excited to see derick in a tux! that cutie baby!!! love him!! anyways.. yesterday party was really fun.. we took shots to everything.. we took shots for "nina" for "true religion jeans" for "sevens.. even tho theyre gettin outta style" lol and "coach purses" we seriously took shots for everything that we all have. anyways..

shots for nina!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

updating [19 Jul 2005|05:59pm]
so i am currently in the process of planning my 21st bday party! lol i really regret canceling my half year bday party im like so excited to like do all this crazy stuff! lol.. well the party is prolly gonna be up here in nor cal so im like seriously inviting EVERYONE and everyone's EVERYONE.. and whoever that everyone is they are a SOMEBODY bc its gonna be excluse invite list and no regular people that i dont know or my people dont know can come. the people who come has to be a SOMEBODY.. lol they are SPECIAL! i dont care too much about the number of people kuz i want it to be BIG but at the same time id ont want a random stranger that doesnt know anyone of us! lol im even flying two of my best friends in to party with me!! haha and then its a girls night in vegas for a week!! only girls thank u very much and the ones that are over 21. sorry people who arent but u guys are all still welcome to my bday bash! its gonna be HUGE! excited!! lol i have like 2 different people helping me plan so its gonna be awesome! i just kick back and write checks with my bby's money.. lol jk. but his company is helping me sponsor so awesome!! excited!! lol.. invitations should come out in sept!!

yay my midterm is over! im freaken excited! AND i got my purses!! lol babe got me not one but TWO new coach purses.. well actually i got the yellow one in green but it had lady bugs on it so i didnt want it and i didnt want pink so i got yellow.. so that just came in yesterday and the pink one i got before with the green one.. but yea.. never used it. just hung it on my bed and now its all dusty and kinda dirty looking. i took a picture of them with pinky and pooh. lol pinky be sporting the pink purse with my new armani sunglasses while pooh be sporting the yellow one.. too bad these purses are like already outta season and im still gonna stick to the ms. dooney (u kno the barrel one) kuz that is the only big purse that i can fit all my stuff in. as u guys prolly kno i bring my whole life in that purse. first off i have a big wallet. its not full of money or anything but its like my winnie the pooh one that i LOVE since like 6th grade. lol its fallin apart kinda but im never lettin it go! and thats kinda big and takes up room. my digi cam my cell my PINK ipod (baby blue in backpack) fone my usb disk (with important files in there duh) lotion, some make up, and other lil things.. and o yea pepperspray from amer kuz he thinks imma get harassed by _______ again.. lol i feel like such a geek with it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

but i am excited bout the purses.. im looking forward to makin a handbag shrine.. lol im such a dork.. well i dont like using other purses but ms. dooney.. i think imma try to use the other ones.. well i do when i like just go over to mikes and just need my fone and wallet. i just grab whatever color im wearing.. but like where i know imma need at least one of the other stuff i bring the big dooney.. lol. i should get a bigger handbag but i dont really like how some of them look. but im really determined to get that dior one natalie has! lol i dont care how long i have to wait for that damn bag. i want! lol

anyways enough with purses. guys reading this will prolly be like 'omg i already heard this story' so mMm.. i get my new shoes this week! my bf got me these new shoes for my uncle's wedding. im really excited. i thot i was gonna get them today but i guess not.. i hope they're okay.. lol ive been shopping a lot online as u guys can prolly tell.. im just too busy to go to the actual mall and to find the ones i want.. and thank goshness for catalogues and the internet or else i would be like without shoes and new purses! anywyas ok like i said no more about my purses

well i updated the photobucket with my set of pix for u people who have been askin.. ill update webshots for everyone who doesnt hav the pw for photobucket next week after nina's hotel party :) excited.. its gonna be a really big party (hopefully).. anyways.. dude syd made me take this kick boxing class with her and after like 5 mins i was like "OH HELLZ NO" so i ran out.. lol syd cam running after me like 10 mins after too.. lol that shit is intense.. haha.. anyways geez took that midterm really worn me out.. i didnt sleep that much last nite kuz ive been sleeping late recently that when i tried sleepin at 2 so i wake up early for class i couldnt do it kuz i was used to sleeping at 4.. so yea that really sucked. i was like dizzy the whole day until the test.. after the test i finally ate from like 24 hrs and like i was a lil better.. but i still feel kinda dizzy and im really tired.. but i cant sleep kuz im going over to mike's soon and yea im excited.. and hav a mini party! lol anyways.. well i dont really have much to write about. im just glad midterm is over! me can go bak to summer!! i think imma go swimming with everyone tata!

yesterday was seriously the last [16 Jul 2005|10:07pm]
hello people. imma start updating a lot more now kuz i wanna spend more time to myself now a days and i promised ppl i would update this. lol. sorry i havent been returning many of ur calls or ims itz bc ive been so busy and yesterday was seriously the last day imma ever gonna be so overloaded.. after yesterday's like wake up call im like seriously cancelling plans and like tryin to find time for myself.. well yesterday was actually a really fun day.. but i was like so exhausted and tired from like never sleeping for the past few weeks and like yesterday i was throwing up ALL NIGHT.. however the party was actually really fun but my alcohol level was already pretty high.. lol and then i realized geez im like really fucked up and then i started throwing up. well i didnt do anything so dramatizing so dont expect some dramatic story about my "wake up call" but i like PASSED OUT on nathans bed and like didnt wake up for like 4 hrs.. i was that exhausted.. i prolly would hav died longer if i didnt hav to throw up! yea yesterday was like my day to STOP.. after all that throwing up and passing out. i look like a dork and yea never again.. lol.. i wouldnt say never again.. but not for awhile. i needa catch up with my studies and pass summer session! i havent even opened one of my class's books. however, like usual, i havent ditched any of my classes.. but as u guys kno im not a listening kinda learner.. im a visual learner and i havent had any visuals but the magazines i bring to class.. lol.. anyways. jens havin a party at her house today and nina is havin a bday party at a hotel so i decided to not go to jen's thing today and just "study" and imma prolly go to nina's party.. however i did spend the whole day at the boy's apartment running around in my bathing suit! lol.. and being a guy.. lol.. well yesterday was stpehy's surprise bday party.. nathan bought 200 dollars worth of sushi! lol so we had that and that might be why i threw up so much.. and i met like a bunch of lambda guys.. and they are so horrible! lol.. they were like kept makin me do shots and like kept making me sit next to them.. and i heard when i passed out they were like touching me and nathan kept poking me.. haha.. i did hear people doing a spelling bee.. tryin to spell my name! haha.. but yea i had a lot of fun i met a LOT of asian boys.. lol..some were actually really cute but syd otld me not to get too close to lambdas.. but i do hav a few friends from there who are actually REALLY REALLy nice so to their defense i think they're alrite. anyways o yea i returned my joe's and citizens for a pair of true religion jeans.. yea i really like them but i got them for a dumb reason.. i dont wanna say kuz everyone will think im silly.. but hey theyre true religion! haha.. i dont kno why im into jeans. i vowed not to become materialistic but seriously after this jean fetish NO MORE. unless the money is from baby's wallet :) speaking of material things.. natalie came bak from vegas with a fucken dior handbag. and its seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen.. she spent like 900 bucks on it and she had to WAITLIST for that damn purse.. but its freaken CUTE.. its like pink and it says like dior on it.. and its really cute it has rhinestones sayin dior on it and u can tell its not a fake.. it just came into season and its really exclusive that u have to waitlist for it and she finally got it when she went to vegas to get it.. how awesome is that?! that is like my dream to waitlist for a handbag and then actually get it.. kuz that way people who see it and want it cant just get it they would hav to waitlist too.. that is hot shit.. lol well i told babe to waitlist for one of the purses she told me about so by the time its my bday we can get it together but he thot it was ridiculous but im sitll gonna do it.. lol i dont care if i needa get a job im seriously not gonna spend on anymore purses until i get that damn purse.. lol.. o yea today raul told me they had a special on d&b handbags.. and i was like reminising bout how i was like obsessed with d&b like last year.. lol.. now i only use that big barrel one kuz thats the only one big enough to fit all my stuff... my other bags are in the closet turning brown with dust.. lol.. i wanna get that big coach one.. the multicolor one.. but i dont think i wanna get another coach one i want that dior one!! lol but natalie has that and i think its messed up if i got the same one.. ugh i tried finding a pic of it online but i guess its THAT exclusive.. :( well i thot some of our pictures from last night would hav it but i remember she had to hide her purse so stephy wouldnt yell at her for spending so much for gettin it!! lol stephy shouldnt talk. she has more purses then me! anyways i really think imma give away my purses.. im like really close to doing it.. i dont think i would sell it kuz i did use them before.. but i would have to give them to REALLY good friends.. like my crazy true friends.. and only for their bday or something.. lol but that is kinda cheap on my part.. lol i ono. i just want them to go to use bc i really dont like how theyre just in the closet with dust on it.. i should like cover them or something.. lol.. anyways.. i should go get ready now.. spending a whole day with the boys made me want to be a girl agian ;) yea and spending the nite at their place was frekaen scary.. i dont think imma do it for awhile.. fucken boys.. kept coming to me to tell them secrets.. its like im the secret magnet or something geez. sorry so long u guys. u guys wanted me to update! it'll prolly be awhile till i update next anyways.. next would prolly only be a webshots update notice

o yea monica broke her nose yesterday. hahah SO MONICA! ani kept callin me last nite but i passed out and so when i got home i saw an im from her saying "OMG LIL! MONICA BROKE HER NOSE!" hahaha.. that drunk fuck. haha silly. but truly i hope shes ok. and then when i find out shes ok. ill laugh. ;) love u mon!


anyways [15 Jul 2005|03:38pm]
well im tryin to update more recently but ive just been too tired or overwhelmed with things to do and this whole summer school business is just in my way rite now. yea im definitely not gonna do this next year. the only reason why i did it this year was so i had something to do up here kuz i wanted to stay in davis.. but next year imma just stay here and play with my friends. lol like elemantary school.. or at least get a job. but yea i really dont want to. anyways. i talked to ting yesterday and we were talking about materialist things and stuff.. and like im not usually into like jeans but for some reason i wanted to get another pair of sevens.. so today i went shopping and i got myself another pair of sevens! lol and i also got a pair of joe's jeans and a pair of lucky's. this week has been a lot of spending kuz of yea u guys kno.. lol im really excited.. very cute. i love them they fit so nice. they're like sweatpants! lol. they fell like the juicy sweatpants my bf got me earlier this month.. yea when i get a chance ill put up pix on my PANTS! lol.. anyways speaking of juicy, i really hope my bf gets me that juicy outfit i wanted.. lol im really into like sweats rite now. lol besides i want a pair to match my new flip flops that SOMEONE got me ;) well i just like their material u kno? like the terry cloth material? i think thats what material it is.. anyways.. well i got my ticket to go bak home for this end of the month. im like on the verge of not going.. im like seriously feelng like i dont wanna go! anywyas today is stephy's surprise bday party.. im not worry she's gonna read this kuz shes gone all day.. but yea after tonite ill post up those pix.. so stop askin me. its like we all have the same pictures kuz u guys took pix with ur cameras. so its just like a bunch of the same pix just with a few changes.. i relaly feel like tanning but my freckles are gettin darker this year so im like not tanning as much.. poo. i hate being white. anyways yea ok ill update pix tomorrow after stephys surprise bday party. and i will update too! hehe

AH [13 Jul 2005|12:53pm]
i am seriously on overload wit this summer session crap. what is going on?! i cant wait for summer to start.. even tho it kinda already is for me. but i needa get outta that set of mind and freaken be back in school kuz im fallin behind!! and this whole 6 week business is kickin me in the ass.. so i needa stop seein mike so much.. i needa stop shoppin so much.. i needa stop eating out.. sleepin over at peoples places.. and partying.. and watchin tv.. i needa STOP. anyways.. i think babe plans on takin me to vegas this summer. i dont really wanna go bc 1. too damn hot even tho i love the AC all around the casino and hotel. 2. i dont feel like goin when im already gonna be goin for my bday with him. i dont want to keep going and it loses it's speciality. 3. i want to be here for when stephy comes visits me. 4. idont want him to trick me into going to london with him. hehehe yea thats bout it.. i wanna just go home and see some peole and relax in mi casa with my family.. and watch a bunch of movies.. and go to disneyland.. lol. anyways mike just bitched at me to do my work kuz i hav class in like 30 mins so i g2g

btw i love my new juicy flip flops. thanks u guys! theyre super sexy! and pink! lol. and i love the heart.

lol these two made me laugh [11 Jul 2005|11:01pm]
ok well al the girls put up their pix so i can get them now to put onto webshots. but not today i have a lot of hwk to do. put these three made me laugh. and the good part of photobucket is i can paste them here. look how asian we girls are! we're seriously in love with all our digi cams!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i dont know why the first one is so small.. i think who ever put up that set of pix (which i think is SYD *GLARES AT SYD*) put up thumbnails instead of the real size. but ill put them all up on webshots later

updating [10 Jul 2005|07:22pm]
well as u guys prolly kno ive been outta town but im bak and omg i am DEAD tired.. my eyes wont even focus. but i had a really fun weekend.. it was one of my best friend stephy's bday.. her dad was outta town so we decided to reside there. and DAMN he's a lawyer and like really wealthy. he has this like BIG ASS HOUSE. like FREAKEN big. it was really fun there.. but yea ill write more later.. ill update some pix on webshot later.. some of the girls are sharing the photobucket thing so ill post one of the group pix of some of the girls.. yea we went shopping too! lol.. yea ill update webshots later when i get al the pix in. i didnt take that many pix bc i ran outta batteries and worse off i lost my battery charger! i cant freaken find it. im like freaken pissed. i think amer accidently took it home with him like he packed it up by accident kuz i dont know where else it can be! i hav to use like regular batteries rite now and those run out fast. and im running out already. lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

updated pixx [04 Jul 2005|04:31pm]
hi. i uploaded more pix. most of mike's were like candid shots. mMm added some when amer came to visit me and our "double date" with ani and boris. and thats bout it. got lotta work to do bye. happy 4th


awesome. love u guys

:) [03 Jul 2005|03:43pm]
hello people. just writing "hola" to everyone whos been wonderin where ive been.. thanks for leavin all those msg on my aim for everytime i wasnt there.. lol.. well i hav a few pix from this week with amer but ive just been too busy to upload them.. and they're only like a few so im just gonna wait till i get mike's pictures and put them all up together later this week when he comes back! yay he comes bak today! well happy 4th of july.. i will definitely update with the things that hav been goin on later this week after i like settle down kuz im seriously constantly running around and like on overload. i havent slept for over 4 hrs in the past few weeks.. but its not like bad overload. its like fun overload.. lol im just tryin to enjoy as much of summer before summer session starts gettin hard ya kno? well its official. i got outta goin to australia and london with my bf.. yea i dont even kno geography to kno exactly where we were suppose to go but thank god bc i seriously been like complaining about it for like over a year how i really didnt want to go and like meet his relatives and stuff kuz thats weird.. the only reason why i considered was bc it was free and bc i didnt wanna offend his parents.. but i talked to them and told them its nothing against them but i just wasnt ready and i wasnt comfortable and i didnt wanna be so far from my grandfather kuz hes been really sick (true but that was prolly the one thing that got me outta it).. so it all worked out and i guess theyre leavin in august when i get bak to s. cali.. so i dont hav to worry bout seeing them or anything where i have to feel guilty.. and besides theyre moving to riverside and i doubt im ever gonna be up there.. lol.. but yea they got they nice big house.. its really cute.. its liek really big.. it has 6 bed rooms and 5 and half bathrooms.. and like hello im like why do u need such a big house if ur son AND daughter are moving away to college? like babe is coming to davis and his sister is like gonna live with her girlfriends by cal stat fullerton.. so im like really confused but babe is pretty spoiled and he has to have everything.. i think im just mad kuz i dont wanan go to riverside to see him.. but i guess i wont really hav to since he can drive down to see me and he'll be in like the other side of the world when im bak in the oc.. and i kno his parents are just gettin a big house so both babe and his sis can move bak in with them but hello in sept theyre gonna move out again anyways.. but yea whatever i dont care.. it IS a nice big house and i wouldnt mind stayin with him even if his parents are there in that big house.. that reminds me.. since ive flew bak so many time during the breaks to so. cal and davis i got enough points to have a free round trip! so i dont know where to go!! i dont wanna waste it on just going bak so. cal during the break i wanna go to like hawaii or like ny or vegas or something.. wel it doesnt expire for another year so im thinkin of a trip to vegas on my 21st bday and seriously EVERYONE is invited..i dont care if ure on the other side of the world ure coming to my bday bash.. hello im 21 u HAVE to come.. but vegas road trips w/babe are fun so i dunno if i wanna fly for that.. so i might just give it away to my parents or something.. like if i hear someone really needs to fly somewhere ill prolly just giv it to them.. maybe ill giv it to my sis to fly up here to visit me during the summer.. dunno? well someons suggested i should do a day trip to ny and just shop and come back the same day.. thats kinda cool.. flyin to ny to shop. lol.. i was really excited when i got my "reward" but then i thot about it and there isn't anywhere i really wanna go.. i dont even wanna go to london kuz i only wanna go bak to so cal! to be with my kids and family.. weird huh? i just really miss them.. i kno london and australia will be fun but its like im already home sick i just wouldnt be able to enjoy myself :) anyways i hav to go, i needa meet mike kuz hes comin bak today! yay. so ill upload pix by the end of this week. and prolly when school starts ill be able to write more about my short summer break so far

updated pix on webshots [26 Jun 2005|05:40pm]
hey everyone. i had such a GREAT week back at home. i like never had time to sleep. i would wake up at like 7 in the morning and like go out and do SO MUCH. i was really busy. and then i wouldnt go home till like 1 in the morning.. and i would shower and only be able to sleep for like 4 hrs or so kuz i shower a long time. anyways.. i did so much tho.. and it was fun nd productive.. i was really busy tho.. i had to do dress shopping.. and dress shoppin for my lil cousin.. lol everytime i went out the door my dad would tell me to leave all my credit cards at home.. kuz he pays for my bill u kno? so like i had to leave all 3 of them at home. but then haha i guess he forgot about those lil credit cards that are for ur keychain. i like kept it for emergencies taped to my shoe. lol incase my dad would dig thru my wallet. anyways i was driving bak from LA to irvine a lot this week.. then i went to many movies.. and i also went to knotts! saw ting a few times. saw amer and justin a few times.. and SHOPPED A LOT.. i went to every store possible (that i liked). i cant think of one day i slept in. i couldnt sleep! i had like time schedules kuz either my sis had to go to work.. or i had to be back kuz someone got off work or school.. it was just really hectic.. amer flew back up with me this time so hes kinda distracting rite now so i cant really talk much.. just everyone whos been askin for pictures i finally uploaded ALL of them. GEEZ took me awhile kuz my comp kept crashing! anyways ill go into more detail bout my week later this week when amer leaves. BYE


home! [20 Jun 2005|03:04am]
yay im home! well i came bak on the 18th but i was stayin in the apartment i share with my sister in LA but for the rest of the week im planning on stayin at my parents house in irvine but i have SO MUCH to do.. i dont even hav time to just sit back and play with my bros game cube! :( anyways.. its been a fun weekend. my car trunk and back seat are FULL of clothes and shoes.. lol i went mad shopping with my dad's credit card.. it was so exciting to like go everywhere.. kuz i had an excuse "to shop for my uncle's wedding" yea didnt even end up gettin a dress. but i got a few really cute tops and many skirts and dresses.. lol my sis and i went went to like over 6 stores.. it was an exciting day.. i got to see all my kids also. theyre so adorable.. mike is comin down to visit me im excited! and we're goin to knotts. and ah everthing is just so hectic! this week is really busy. i can barely see justin and he lives down the freaken street.. i havent had time to update till now at 3 am! so yea everything has been hectic.. i took some pictures but ill update them later on this week. prolly tomorrow? hopefully. i wanna try to stay in tomorrow and like spend time with my parents but amer keeps harassing me to come out with him.. so i dont know.. depends what mood im in i guess kuz my sis is takin my car so im pretty limited to places.. YIKES.. sucks.. but at least amer can pick me up.. i ono i needa sleep! i love everyone. and i miss u guys so much! o yea u guys. U PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME LEAVE THE POOL: people have been tellin me i look really tan and sexy SO HA! i DID get tanned! haha and since my roots are growing out and theyre light brown it makes my skin look darker! so HAHAHA u losers who always came out and got me outta da sun LIKE MY MOM ALWAYS DO it worked anyways! HAHAHA ah i needa sleep <3

updating [16 Jun 2005|06:15pm]
it seems like i havent really sat down to like talk on the internet or like update.. lol actually ive never been able to like sit down and have a convo with someone on the internet. im like always on the go and like studying or like doin hwk. so its like now that finals are over i dont kno what to do with my life im like an energizing bunny i hav to keep workin or something. so i like decided to clean my whole appartment! lol.. well im excited to go home this weekend.. many of my friends went home today.. but thanks u guys for the presents and cards.. theyre so sweet and so cute.. hehe i kno i was suppose to open them the day of my half year bday but i was like 'ok ill just open one..' and then it went to two.. and then it went to three.. and then four.. and then five.. then i ended up just opening all of them lol. sorry guys. but i love them all. theyre so cute! im most excited to go home bc my bf got me a puppy! and its the cutest lil white maltese.. its like WHITE.. lol i love white! kinda plain but i think those are the cutest.. theyre not like dirty so it doesnt look brown or yellow. lol.. anyways.. my party got cancelled incase u guys dont already kno.. a lot of stuff has been goin on and i just dont feel like partying.. for instance, my grandpa is in the hospital and this time i just have this weird feeling. like its kinda scary.. he is pretty old and i know hes suffering right now and that it would be selfish for me to want him to stay but i dont know. a lot of thoughts in my head.. its kinda sad.. when we were little he used to take care of me and my sister.. and he was always so cool. it was like nice to have him around.. and then yea.. i hope everything is ok with him. my parents wont really tell me anything bc i guess they dont wanna worry us but its obvious when its bad u know? so the week im home im probably just gonna take it easy. im gonna prolly be with my family a lot.. i dont know if we're allowed to go to the hospital kuz i kno my mom couldnt see him.. but my dad was.. so i dont know how thats gonna work.. i also needa go shopping for a dress.. im gonna go to knotts with a few friends.. i kno i wanted it to be a big thing but i feel like i cant celebrate or anything.. its like all i wanna do is be there for my grandpa and family. but i kno there isnt much i can do anyways.. what else do i have planned.. well im going to try to find time to hang out with justin, amer and ting.. lol i kno im going to be busy but i kno ill be stayin at my parent's house and justin lives like right down the street from my parents.. so yea. and then im prolly gonna wanna see all my kids.. and i think im having a small half year bday dinner.. very tiny tho.. like just with my everyday friends.. mike is coming down to stay with me.. so at least that will keep me busy. prolly see all my work friends.. and sleep sleep sleep.. o yea i also hav to go to my brother's musical.. lol hes so cute.. i remember when i was in elementary school.. those were the days.. lol when we ddidnt hav to stress bout shit.. talkin bout stress.. i was so stressed this past week it was like no freakn joke.. lol i was worried i was gonna end up with Cs in many of my classes but thank goshness that i didnt get any Cs this quarter.. actually i havent gotten any Cs this year! i think its kinda cool.. im still confused how i ended up with Bs instead of the Cs but everyone thinks its bc im such a big suck up.. lol and i like to be cute with the professors.. lol whatever i got the good grade and i think i did try freaken hard.. i stayed up many nights without sleeping. but i also been havin mike stay at my place too.. lol we like never wnet bak to his place this week.. but yea im glad he was here to help me :) alright i feel like i dnt hav time to spare for updating.. lol i needa CLEAN and PACK! yea. i think i hav pix i needa update on webshots too.. well just like 1 or 2.. not sure. AH im done.. lol yesterday was my last day and yesterday was a night to remember! haha.. fun times.. love u guys

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